Barry R Imhoff


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Works 1-4 of 4


Glutathione redox dynamics and expression of glutathione-related genes in the developing embryo

by Alicia R Timme-Laragy; Jared V Goldstone; Barry Imhoff; John J Stegeman; Mark E Hahn; Jason Hansen



Contributions of glucocorticoid receptors in cortical astrocytes to memory recall

by William W Taylor; Barry Imhoff; Zakia Sultana Sathi; Wei Y Liu; Kristie M Garza; Brian Dias



An Ancient CFTR Ortholog Informs Molecular Evolution in ABC Transporters

by Guiying Cui; Jeong Hong; Yu-Wen Chung-Davidson; Daniel Infield; Xin Xu; Jindong Li; Luba Simhaev; Netaly Khazanov; Brandon Stauffer; Barry Imhoff; Kirsten Cottrill; J. Edwin Blalock; Weiming Li; Hanoch Senderowitz; Eric Sorscher; Nael McCarty; Amit Gaggar