Barbara J Pettitt MD


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Implementation and evaluation of eight virtual surgical electives for medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Brian Pettitt-Schieber; Marissa Kuo; Andrew Steehler; Andy Dong; Omolola Fakunle; Tad Manalo; Oblaise Mercury; Francis Simpson; Ndéye Guisse; Matthew Studer; Marie-Veronique Poirier; Brandon Philbrick; Zachary Grady; Michelle Higgins; Lindsay Gallo; Dora Danko; Reem Dawoud; Barbara Pettitt



From the Operating Room to Online: Medical Student Surgery Education in the Time of COVID-19

by Zachary John Grady; Lindsay K. Gallo; Heather K. Lin; Benjamin L. Magod; Stacy L. Coulthard; Benjamin J. Flink; Eric Knauer; Joshua Winer; Dominic Papandria; Barbara Pettitt



Implementation and Evaluation of a Virtual Elective in Otolaryngology in the Time of COVID-19

by Andrew J. Steehler; Brian Pettitt-Schieber; Matthew B. Studer; Geetha Mahendran; Barbara Pettitt; Oswaldo Henriquez Ajami