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Toxoplasma gondii exposure affects neural processing speed as measured by acoustic startle latency in schizophrenia and controls

by Bradley Pearce; Sydney Hubbard; Hilda N. Rivera; Patricia P. Wilkins; Marylynn C. Fisch; Myfanwy H. Hopkins; Wendy Hasenkamp; Robin Gross; Nancy G. Bliwise; Jeffrey L. Jones; Erica Duncan



Sex differences in the inflammatory response to stress and risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes among patients with coronary heart disease

by Samaah Sullivan; An Young; Muhammad Hammadah; Bruno B Lima; Oleksiy Levantsevych; Yi-An Ko; Bradley Pearce; Amit Shah; Jeong Hwan Kim; Kasra Moazzami; Emily G Driggers; Ammer Haffar; Laura Ward; Isaias Herring; Allison Hankus; Viola Vaccarino; Tene Lewis; Puja Mehta; James Bremner; Paolo Raggi; Arshed Quyyumi



Transcutaneous cervical vagal nerve stimulation reduces sympathetic responses to stress in posttraumatic stress disorder: A double-blind, randomized, sham controlled trial

by Nil Z. Gurel; Matthew T. Wittbrodt; Hewon Jung; Md. Mobashir H. Shandhi; Emily G. Driggers; Stacy L. Ladd; Minxuan Huang; Yi-An Ko; Lucy Shallenberger; Joy Beckwith; Jonathon Nye; Bradley Pearce; Viola Vaccarino; Amit Shah; Omer T. Inan; J. Douglas Bremner



Non-invasive vagal nerve stimulation decreases brain activity during trauma scripts

by Matthew T. Wittbrodt; Nil Z. Gurel; Jonathon Nye; Stacy Ladd; Md. Mobashir H. Shandhi; Minxuan Huang; Amit Shah; Bradley Pearce; Zuhayr S. Alam; Mark Rapaport; Nancy Murrah; Yi-An Ko; Ammer A. Haffer; Lucy H. Shallenberger; Viola Vaccarino; Omer T. Inan; J. Douglas Bremner



Quantifying acute physiological biomarkers of transcutaneous cervical vagal nerve stimulation in the context of psychological stress

by Nil Z. Gurel; Minxuan Huang; Matthew T. Wittbrodt; Hewon Jung; Stacy L. Ladd; Md. Mobashir H. Shandhi; Yi-An Ko; Lucy Shallenberger; Jonathon Nye; Bradley Pearce; Viola Vaccarino; Amit Shah; J. Douglas Bremner; Omer T. Inan