Brittany Butts


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Plasma xanthine oxidase activity is related to increased sodium and left ventricular hypertrophy in resistant hypertension

by Brittany Butts; David A. Calhoun; Thomas S. Denney; Steven G. Lloyd; Himanshu Gupta; Krishna K. Gaddam; Inmaculada Aban; Suzanne Oparil; Paul W. Sanders; Rakesh Patel; James F. Collawn; Louis J. Dell'Italia



Impact of early pericardial fluid chymase activation after cardiac surgery

by Brittany Butts; LA Goeddel; J Zheng; B Pat; P Powell; J Mobley; S Ahmad; C Steele; D McGiffin; JE Davies; JF George; SJ Melby; CM Ferrario; LJ Dell'Italia



Potential Protective Mechanisms of S-equol, a Metabolite of Soy Isoflavone by the Gut Microbiome, on Cognitive Decline and Dementia

by Akira Sekikawa; Whitney Wharton; Brittany Butts; Cole V Veliky; Joshua Garfein; Jiatong Li; Shatabdi Goon; Annamaria Fort; Mengyi Li; Timothy M Hughes