Brittany Murray


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Global health partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives and insights from international partners

by Megan S McHenry; Reena P Tam; Amira A Nafiseh; Mary Ann Etling; Adelaide E Barnes; Amy Rule; Heather L Crouse; Heather Haq; Lee E Morris; Brittany Murray; Lisa A Umphrey; Elizabeth M Keating



Delivering Modern Global Health Learning Requires New Obligations and Approaches

by Scott McNabb; Mabel Magowe; Nadine Shaw; Amanda M Berrian; Michael Wilkes; Affan Shaikh; Onesmus Gachuno; Lucy A Perrone; Brittany Murray; Eva Berman; Bhakti Hansoti



Global health electives in the COVID-19 era: resuming travel and strengthening global health academic partnerships

by Brittany Murray; H Haq; A Msekandiana; M Matshaba; L Thahane; J Watts; R Tam; N St Clair; C Schubert; A Rule; P Pannaraj; M Pitt; D Oleson; L Morris; J Mendoza; M McHenry; E Keating; K Ferrer; H Crouse; T Condurache; M Batra; A Barnes; J Conway



Functional Outcomes and Morbidity in Pediatric Sepsis Survivors: A Tanzanian Experience

by Sarah A Lau-Braunhut; Audrey M Smith; Brittany Murray; Martina A Steurer; Hendry Sawe; Michael A Matthay; Teri Reynolds; Teresa Bleakly Kortz



Delayed Presentation and Mortality in Children With Sepsis in a Public Tertiary Care Hospital in Tanzania

by Audrey M Smith; Hendry R Sawe; Michael A Matthay; Brittany Murray; Teri Reynolds; Teresa B Kortz



Implementation of electronic medical records at an Emergency Medicine Department in Tanzania: The information technology perspective

by Ramadhani Jumanne Mashoka; Brittany Murray; Upendo George; Natalia Lobue; Juma Mfinanga; Hendry Sawe; Libby White



Clinical Presentation and Outcomes among Children with Sepsis Presenting to a Public Tertiary Hospital in Tanzania

by Teresa Bleakly Kortz; Hendry R. Sawe; Brittany Murray; Wayne Enanoria; Michael Anthony Matthay; Teri Reynolds