Brent Wilson Morgan MD


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The Toxicology Investigators Consortium 2020 Annual Report

by Meghan B. Spyres; Kim Aldy; Lynn A. Farrugia; A. Min Kang; Jennifer S. Love; Sharan L. Campleman; Shao Li; Alexandra Amaducci; Evan Schwarz; Paul M. Wax; Jeffery Brent; Joseph Carpenter; Jonathan de Olano; Melissa Halliday; Ziad Kazzi; Emily Kiernan; Brent Morgan; Alaina Steck



Acute Chloroform Ingestion Successfully Treated with Intravenously Administered N-acetylcysteine

by Damon M. Dell'Aglio; Mark E. Sutter; Michael D. Schwartz; David Koch; D.A. Algren; Brent Morgan



Hikers poisoned: Veratrum steroidal alkaloid toxicity following ingestion of foraged Veratrum parviflorum

by Mehruba Anwar; Matthew Turner; Natalija Farrell; Wendy B. Zomlefer; Owen M. McDougal; Brent W Morgan