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Small Area Variations in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac arrest: Does the Neighborhood Matter?

by Comilla Sasson; Carla C. Keirns; Dylan Smith; Michael Sayre; Michelle Macy; William Meurer; Bryan McNally; Arthur L. Kellermann; Theodore J. Iwashyna



A Tale of Two Cities: The Role of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status in Spatial Clustering of Bystander CPR in Austin and Houston

by Elisabeth Dowling Root; Louis Gonzales; David E. Persse; Paul R. Hinchey; Bryan McNally; Comilla Sasson



Race/Ethnicity and Neighborhood Characteristics Are Associated With Bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Pediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in the United States: A Study From CARES

by Maryam Y. Naim; Heather M. Griffis; Rita Burke; Bryan McNally; Lihai Song; Robert A. Berg; Vinay M. Nadkarni; Kimberly Vellano; David Markenson; Richard N. Bradley; Joseph W. Rossano



Females of childbearing age have a survival benefit after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

by M. Austin Johnson; Jason S. Haukoos; Todd M. Larabee; Stacie Daugherty; Paul S. Chan; Bryan McNally; Comilla Sasson



Race Differences in Interventions and Survival After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in North Carolina, 2010 to 2014

by Bryan McNally; S Moeller; CM Hansen; K Kragholm; ME Dupre; C Sasson; DA Pearson; C Tyson; JG Jollis; L Monk; MA Starks; KL Thomas; L Becker; C Torp-Pedersen; CB Granger



Clinical paper Sex differences in outcomes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the United States

by Bryan McNally; P Kotini-Shah; M Del Rios; S Khosla; O Pugach; K Vellano; T Vanden Hoek; PS Chan



Survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, Viet Nam: multicentre prospective cohort study

by Bryan McNally; SN Do; CQ Luong; DT Pham; C Nguyen; TT Ton; TTN Pham; QTA Hoang; HT Hoang; DT Nguyen; DQ Khuong; QH Nguyen; TA Nguyen; HTM Pham; MH Nguyen; MEH Ong; AD Nguyen



Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests and Wildfire-Related Particulate Matter During 2015-2017 California Wildfires

by Caitlin G. Jones; Ana G. Rappold; Jason Vargo; Wayne E. Cascio; Martin Kharrazi; Sumi Hoshiko; Bryan McNally