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The DIOS framework for optimizing infectious disease surveillance: Numerical methods for simulation and multi-objective optimization of surveillance network architectures

by Qu Cheng; Philip A. Collender; Alexandra K. Heaney; Xintong Li; Rohini Dasan; Charles Li; Joseph A. Lewnard; Jonathan L. Zelner; Song Liang; Howard Chang; Lance Waller; Benjamin Lopman; Changhong Yang; Justin Remais



The unwelcome houseguest: secondary household transmission of norovirus

by Z.A. Marsh; S.P. Grytdal; J.C. Beggs; E. Leshem; P.A. Gastanaduy; B. Rha; M. Nyaku; Benjamin Lopman; A.J. Hall



Duration and Density of Fecal Rotavirus Shedding in Vaccinated Malawian Children With Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

by Aisleen Bennett; Louisa Pollock; Khuzwayo C. Jere; Virginia E. Pitzer; Benjamin Lopman; Naor Bar-Zeev; Miren Iturriza-Gomara; Nigel A. Cunliffe