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Outcomes of Mechanical Thrombectomy for Patients With Stroke Presenting With Low Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Score in the Early and Extended Window

by Brian Howard; E Almallouhi; S Al Kasab; Z Hubbard; EC Bass; G Porto; A Alawieh; R Chalhoub; PM Jabbour; RM Starke; SQ Wolfe; AS Arthur; E Samaniego; I Maier; A Rai; MS Park; J Mascitelli; M Psychogios; R De Leacy; T Dumont; MR Levitt; A Polifka; J Osbun; R Crosa; J-T Kim; W Casagrande; S Yoshimura; C Matouk; PT Kan; RW Williamson; B Gory; M Mokin; I Fragata; O Zaidat; AJ Yoo; AM Spiotta



Alarming downtrend in mechanical thrombectomy rates in African American patients during the COVID-19 pandemic-Insights from STAR

by Jonathan Grossberg; Brian Howard; S Al Kasab; E Almallouhi; A Alawieh; P Jabbour; A Sweid; RM Starke; V Saini; SQ Wolfe; KM Fargen; AS Arthur; N Goyal; A Pandhi; I Maier; S Tjoumakaris; A Rai; MS Park; JR Mascitelli; MN Psychogios; AM Spiotta



Association of Overlapping Surgery With Patient Outcomes in a Large Series of Neurosurgical Cases

by Brian Howard; Christopher M. Holland; Christina Mehta; Ganzhong Tian; David P. Bray; Jason J. Lamanna; James G. Malcolm; Daniel Barrow; Jonathan Grossberg