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A phase I pharmacokinetic study of belinostat in patients with advanced cancers and varying degrees of liver dysfunction

by Naoko Takebe; Jan H Beumer; Shivaani Kummar; Brian F Kiesel; Afshin Dowlati; Geraldine O Coyne; Richard Piekarz; Lawrence Rubinstein; Laura K Fogli; Bassel El-Rayes



PAK4-NAMPT Dual Inhibition as a Novel Strategy for Therapy Resistant Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

by Gabriel Mpilla; Amro Aboukameel; Irfana Muqbil; Steve Kim; Rafic Beydoun; Philip A Philip; Ramzi M Mohammad; Mandana Kamgar; Vinod Shidham; Bassel El-Rayes



Radiotherapy patterns of care in gastric adenocarcinoma: a single institution experience.

by Jessica Cheng; Malcolm H. Squires ; John Mikell; Sarah B. Fisher; Charles Staley; David Kooby; Bassel El-Rayes; Walter Curran; William A. Hall; Lauren E. Colbert; Joseph Shelton; Shishir Maithel; Jerome Landry; David Yu



Time to treatment initiation and its impact on real-world survival in metastatic colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer

by Olumide Gbolahan; Neda Hashemi-Sadraei; Suri Yash; Grant Williams; Rekha Ramachandran; Young-il Kim; Ravikumar Paluri; Darryl Outlaw; Bassel El-Rayes; Lisle Nabell



A multi-center, single-arm, phase Ib study of pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in combination with chemotherapy for patients with advanced colorectal cancer: HCRN GI14-186

by Cameron J Herting; Matthew R Farren; Yan Tong; Ziyue Liu; Bert O'Neil; Tanios Bekaii-Saab; Anne Noonan; Christopher McQuinn; Thomas A Mace; Walid Shaib; Christina Wu; Bassel El-Rayes; Safi Shahda; Gregory Lesinski