Brent Weinberg


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Development and external validation of a prognostic tool for COVID-19 critical disease

by Brent Weinberg; DS Chow; J Glavis-Bloom; JE Soun; TB Loveless; X Xie; S Mutasa; E Monuki; JI Park; D Bota; J Wu; L Thompson; B Boden-Albala; S Khan; AN Amin; PD Chang



Presentation of treatment effect in glioblastoma after dose-escalation radiation therapy

by Danielle Cicka; Charles Lester Ford; Erica Templin; Zachary Pitts; Saumya Gurbani; Bree Eaton; Lindsey Lowder; Jeffrey Olson; Brent Weinberg; Hyunsuk Shim; Soma Sengupta



Gliosarcoma: distinct molecular pathways and genomic alterations identified by DNA copy number/SNP microarray analysis

by Lindsey Lowder; Jennifer Hauenstein; Ashley Woods; Hsiao-Rong Chen; Manali Rupji; Jeanne Kowalski; Jeffrey Olson; Debra Saxe; Matthew Schniederjan; Stewart Neill; Brent Weinberg; Soma Sengupta



Optimizing Neuro-Oncology Imaging: A Review of Deep Learning Approaches for Glioma Imaging.

by Madeleine M. Shaver; Paul A. Kohanteb; Catherine Chiou; Michelle D. Bardis; Chanon Chantaduly; Daniela Bota; Christopher G. Filippi; Brent Weinberg; Jack Grinband; Daniel S. Chow; Peter D. Chang