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SOM: Psych: Adult

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Recovery and subsequent recurrence in patients with recurrent major depressive disorder

by Boadie W Dunlop; Peter Holland; Weihang Bao; Philip T. Ninan; Martin B. Keller



Metabolomic signature of exposure and response to citalopram/escitalopram in depressed outpatients

by Sudeepa Bhattacharyya; Ahmed T. Ahmed; Matthias Arnold; Duan Liu; Chunqiao Luo; Hongjie Zhu; Siamak Mahmoudiandehkordi; Drew Neavin; Gregory Louie; Boadie Dunlop; Mark A. Frye; Liewei Wang; Richard M. Weinshilboum; Ranga R. Krishnan; A. John Rush; Rima Kaddurah-Daouk



Assessing the efficacy of 2 years of maintenance treatment with venlafaxine extended release 75-225 mg/day in patients with recurrent major depression: a secondary analysis of data from the PREVENT study

by Susan G. Kornstein; James H. Kocsis; Saeeduddin Ahmed; Michael Thase; Edward S. Friedman; Boadie W Dunlop; Bing Yan; Ron Pedersen; Philip T. Ninan; Thomas Li; Martin Keller



Tolerability of the Dexamethasone-Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Test in Major Depressive Disorder

by Boadie W Dunlop; Yara Betancourt; Elisabeth B. Binder; Christine Heim; Florian Holsboer; Marcus Ising; Melissa McKenzie; Tanja Mletzko; Hildegard Pfister; Charles B. Nemeroff; W Edward Craighead; Helen S Mayberg