Benjamin G Druss MD/MPH


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Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use Disorders Among Youth Subsequently Diagnosed With Opioid Use Disorder or Opioid Poisoning

by Edeanya Agbese; Bradley D Stein; Benjamin Druss; Andrew W Dick; Rosalie L Pacula; Douglas L Leslie



The associations between area-level residential instability and gray matter volumes from the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study (NAPLS) consortium

by Benjamin Druss; Elaine Walker; Benson Ku; J Addington; CE Bearden; KS Cadenhead; TD Cannon; MT Compton; BA Cornblatt; M Keshavan; DH Mathalon; DO Perkins; WS Stone; MT Tsuang; SW Woods



The Association Between History of Depression and Access to Care Among Medicare Beneficiaries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Lilanthi Balasuriya; Jacob K Quinton; Maureen E Canavan; Margaret L Holland; Jennifer E Edelman; Benjamin Druss; Joseph S Ross



Randomized Trial of a Mobile Personal Health Record for Behavioral Health Homes

by Benjamin Druss; Jianheng Li; Stephanie Tapscott; Cathy A Lally