Brooke Cherven


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Randomized Clinical Trial of Therapeutic Music Video Intervention for Resilience Outcomes in Adolescents/Young Adults Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant

by Sheri L. Robb; Debra S. Burns; Kristin A. Stegenga; Paul R. Haut; Patrick O. Monahan; Jane Meza; Timothy E. Stump; Brooke Cherven; Sharron L. Docherty; Verna L. Hendricks-Ferguson; Eileen K. Kintner; Ann E Haight; Donna A. Wall; Joan E. Haase



Intent and subsequent initiation of human papillomavirus vaccine among young cancer survivors

by Brooke Cherven; Sharon Castellino; Yanjun Chen; F. Lennie Wong; Jocelyn M. York; Karen Wasilewski-Masker; Melissa M. Hudson; Smita Bhatia; James Klosky; Wendy Landier