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Menstrual hygiene management in schools: midway progress update on the "MHM in Ten" 2014-2024 global agenda

by Marni Sommer; Bethany Caruso; Belen Torondel; Elodie C. Warren; Brooke Yamakoshi; Jackie Haver; Jeanne Long; Thérèse Mahon; Ella Nalinponguit; Neville Okwaro; Penelope A. Phillips-Howard



Beyond menstrual hygiene: addressing vaginal bleeding throughout the life course in low and middle-income countries

by Bethany A. Caruso; Marni Sommer; Penelope A Phillips-Howard; Therese Mahon ; Sasha Zients ; Meredith Jones



Mixed-methods, descriptive and observational cohort study examining feeding and growth patterns among low birthweight infants in India, Malawi and Tanzania: the LIFE study protocol

by Melissa Young; Bethany Caruso; L Vesel; L Spigel; JN Behera; RM Bellad; L Das; S Dhaded; SS Goudar; G Guruprasad; S Misra; S Panda; LG Shamanur; SS Vernekar; IF Hoffman; T Mvalo; M Phiri; F Saidi; R Kisenge; K Manji; N Salim; S Somji; CR Sudfeld; L Adair; C Duggan; K Israel-Ballard; ACC Lee; SL Martin; KL Mansen; K North; E Benotti; MM Delaney; E Fishman; K Fleming; N Henrich; K Miller; L Subramanian; DE Tuller; KEA Semrau



The state of adolescent menstrual health in low- and middle-income countries and suggestions for future action and research

by Bethany Caruso; M Plesons; A Patkar; J Babb; A Balapitiya; F Carson; M Franco; MM Hansen; J Haver; A Jahangir; CW Kabiru; E Kisangala; P Phillips-Howard; A Sharma; M Sommer; V Chandra-Mouli