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Fontan hemodynamics: Importance of pulmonary artery diameter

by Lakshmi P. Dasi; Resmi Krishnankutty Rema; Hiroumi Kitajima; Kerem Pekkan; Kartik S. Sundareswaran; Mark Fogel; Shiva Sharma; Kevin Whitehead; Kirk Kanter; Ajit Yoganathan



The effect of respiration-driven flow waveforms on hemodynamic metrics used in Fontan surgical planning

by Elaine Tang; Zhenglun Alan Wei; Phillip M. Trusty; Kevin K. Whitehead; Lucia Mirabella; Alessandro Veneziani; Mark A. Fogel; Ajit Yoganathan



Correction of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation Using Image-Based Surgical Planning

by Kartik S. Sundareswaran; Diane de Zelicourt; Shiva Sharma; Kirk R Kanter; Thomas L. Spray; Jarek Rossignac; Fotis Sotiropoulos; Ajit Yoganathan; Mark A. Fogel



Fontan hemodynamics from 100 patient-specific cardiac magnetic resonance studies: A computational fluid dynamics analysis

by Christopher M. Haggerty; Maria Restrepo; Elaine Tang; Diane A. de Zelicourt; Kartik S. Sundareswaran; Lucia Mirabella; James Bethel; Kevin K. Whitehead; Mark A. Fogel; Ajit Yoganathan



Ex Vivo Methods for Informing Computational Models of the Mitral Valve

by Charles H. Bloodworth; Eric L. Pierce; Thomas F. Easley; Andrew Drach; Amir H. Khalighi; Milan Toma; Morten O. Jensen; Michael S. Sacks; Ajit Yoganathan



Visualization of flow structures in Fontan patients using 3-dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging

by Kartik S. Sundareswaran; Christopher M. Haggerty; Diane de Zelicourt; Lakshmi P. Dasi; Kerem Pekkan; David H. Frakes; Andrew J. Powell; Kirk R Kanter; Mark A. Fogel; Ajit Yoganathan



The Effects of Combined Cyclic Stretch and Pressure on the Aortic Valve Interstitial Cell Phenotype

by Patrick Thayer; Kartik Balachandran; Swetha Rathan; Choon Hwai Yap; Sivakkumar Arjunon; Hanjoong Jo; Ajit Yoganathan