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Contractile mitral annular forces are reduced with ischemic mitral regurgitation

by Andrew W. Siefert; Jorge H. Jimenez; Kevin J. Koomalsingh; Fernando Aguel; Dustin S. West; Takashi Shuto; Teresa K. Snow; Robert C. Gorman; Joseph H. Gorman, lll; Ajit Yoganathan



Numerical and experimental investigation of pulsatile hemodynamics in the total cavopulmonary connection

by Elaine Tang; Christopher M. Haggerty; Reza H. Khiabani; Diane de Zelicourt; Jessica Kanter; Fotis Sotiropoulos; Mark A. Fogel; Ajit Yoganathan



In Vitro Mitral Valve Simulator Mimics Systolic Valvular Function of Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation Ovine Model

by Andrew W. Siefert; Jean Pierre Rabbah; Kevin J. Koomalsingh; Steven A. Touchton; Neelakantan Saikrishnan; Jeremy R. McGarvey; Robert C. Gorman; Joseph H. Gorman, lll; Ajit Yoganathan



In-vivo mitral annuloplasty ring transducer: Implications for implantation and annular downsizing

by Andrew W. Siefert; Steven A. Touchton; Jeremy R. McGarvey; Satoshi Takebayashi; Jean Pierre M. Rabbah; Jorge H. Jimenez; Neelakantan Saikrishnan; Robert C. Gorman; Joseph H. Gorman, lll; Ajit Yoganathan



Fluid-Structure Interaction and Structural Analyses using a Comprehensive Mitral Valve Model with 3D Chordal Structure

by Milan Toma; Daniel R. Einstein; Charles H. Bloodworth; Richard P. Cochran; Ajit Yoganathan; Karyn S. Kunzelman



Quantitative Evaluation of Annuloplasty on Mitral Valve Chordae Tendineae Forces to Supplement Surgical Planning Model Development

by Andrew W. Siefert; Jean-Pierre M. Rabbah; Eric L. Pierce; Karyn S. Kunzelman; Ajit Yoganathan