Andreas M. Wieland


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mTOR regulates T cell exhaustion and PD-1 targeted immunotherapy response during chronic viral infection

by Satomi Ando; Charles M Perkins; Yamato Sajiki; Chase Chastain; Rajesh M Valanparambil; Andreas Wieland; William Hudson; Masao Hashimoto; Suresh Ramalingam; Gordon J Freeman; Rafi Ahmed; Koichi Araki



Herpes simplex virus lymphadenitis is associated with tumor reduction in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

by Andres Chang; Anton M Sholukh; Andreas Wieland; Mary Carrington; David Jaye; Meei-Li Huang; Hong Xie; Keith R Jerome; Pavitra Roychoudhury; Alexander L Greninger; Jean Koff; Jonathon Cohen; David M Koelle; Lawrence Corey; Christopher Flowers; Rafi Ahmed



Functional HPV-specific PD-1(+) stem-like CD8 T cells in head and neck cancer

by Dong Shin; Georgia Chen; Rafi Ahmed; Xu Wang; Hal Scherz; Nabil Saba; Haydn Kissick; Andreas Wieland; Rebecca Obeng; Mihir Patel; Sejin Im; CS Eberhardt; MA Cardenas; N Prokhnevska; TH Nasti; CC Griffith; M Carrington; J Sidney; A Sette



Novel Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Treating HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancer

by Nabil Saba; Andreas Wieland; Yong Teng; S Pamulapati; B Patel; M Mody; P Strojan; R Takes; AAA Maekitie; O Cohen; P Pace-Asciak; JBB Vermorken; C Bradford; A Forastiere; A Ferlito



PD-1 combination therapy with IL-2 modifies CD8(+) T cell exhaustion program

by Rafi Ahmed; Suresh Ramalingam; Christopher Scharer; Haydn Kissick; Andreas Wieland; Hal Scherz; Masao Hashimoto; William Hudson; Rebecca Obeng; Sejin Im; K Araki; MA Cardenas; P Li; RR Jadhav; DJ McGuire; J Lee; DT McManus; JL Ross; J Lee; J-X Lin; B Hu; EE West; GJ Freeman; AH Sharpe; A Pellerin; V Teichgraber; WJ Greenleaf; C Klein; JJ Goronzy; P Umana; WJ Leonard; KA Smith



CK2 Phosphorylation of Human Papillomavirus 16 E2 on Serine 23 Promotes Interaction with TopBP1 and Is Critical for E2 Interaction with Mitotic Chromatin and the Viral Life Cycle

by Apurva T Prabhakar; Claire D James; Dipon Das; Raymonde Otoa; Matthew Day; John Burgner; Christian T Fontan; Xu Wang; Sarah H Glass; Andreas Wieland; Mary M Donaldson; Molly L Bristol; Renfeng Li; Anthony W Oliver; Laurence H Pearl; Brian O Smith; Iain M Morgan



Proliferating Transitory T Cells with an Effector-like Transcriptional Signature Emerge from PD-1(+) Stem-like CD8(+) T Cells during Chronic Infection

by William Hudson; Julia Gensheimer; Masao Hashimoto; Andreas Wieland; Rajesh M. Valanparambil; Peng Li; Jian-Xin Lin; Bogumila T. Konieczny; Sejin Im; Gordon J. Freeman; Warren J. Leonard; Haydn Kissick; Rafi Ahmed