Andreas Wieland

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Complement serves as a switch between CD4 T cell independent and dependent RBC antibody responses

by Amanda Mener ; Seema R. Patel ; Connie M. Arthur ; Satheesh Chonat ; Andreas M. Wieland; Manjula Santhanakrishan ; Jingchun Liu ; Cheryl L. Maier ; Ryan P. Jajosky; Kathryn Girard-Pierce; Ashley Bennett ; Patricia E. Zerra; Nicole H. Smith ; Jeanne E. Hendrickson; Sean R. Stowell



Effector CD8 T cells dedifferentiate into long-lived memory cells

by Ben Youngblood; J. Scott Hale; Haydn Thomas Kissick; Eunseon Ahn; Xiaojin Xu; Andreas M. Wieland; Koichi Araki; Erin E. West; Hazem E. Ghoneim; Yiping Fan; Pranay Dogra; Carl W. Davis; Bogumila T. Konieczny; Rustom Antia; Xiaodong Cheng; Rafi Ahmed



Rescue of exhausted CD8 T cells by PD-1-targeted therapies is CD28-dependent

by Alice O. Kamphorst; Andreas Wieland; Tahseen Nasti; Shu Yang; Ruan Zhang; Daniel L. Barber; Bogumila T. Konieczny; Candace Z. Daugherty; Lydia Koenig; Ke Yu