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Study protocol for a cluster randomized trial of a school, family, and community intervention for preventing drug misuse among older adolescents in the Cherokee Nation

by Kelli Komro; Terrence K Kominsky; Juli R Skinner; Melvin D Livingston; Bethany J Livingston; Kristin Avance; Ashley N Lincoln; Caroline M Barry; Andrew L Walker; Dallas W Pettigrew; Lisa J Merlo; Hannah Cooper; Alexander Wagenaar



Anti-poverty policy and health: Attributes and diffusion of state earned income tax credits across US states from 1980 to 2020

by Kelli Komro; Phenesse Dunlap; Nolan Sroczynski; Melvin Livingston III; Megan A. Kelly; Dawn Pepin; Sara Markowitz; Shelby Rentmeester; Alexander Wagenaar



Prevention Trial in the Cherokee Nation: Design of a Randomized Community Trial

by Kelli Komro; Alexander Wagenaar; Misty Boyd; B.J. Boyd; Terrence Kominsky; Dallas Pettigrew; Amy L. Tobler; Sarah D. Lynne-Landsman; Melvin D. Livingston; Bethany Livingston; Mildred M. Maldonado Molina