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Prevalence and Correlates of COVID-19 Vaccine Information on Family Medicine Practices’ Websites in the United States: Cross-sectional Website Content Analysis

by Jonathan V Ackleh-Tingle; Natalie M Jordan; Udodirim N Onwubiko; Christina Chandra; Paige E Harton; Shelby T Rentmeester; Allison Chamberlain



Health after Legionnaires' disease: A description of hospitalizations up to 5 years after Legionella pneumonia

by Shantini D. Gamage; Natasha Ross; Staphen M. Kralovic; Loretta A. Simbartl; Gary A. Roselle; Ruth Berkelman; Allison Chamberlain



Adapting Center for Disease Control and Prevention's immunization quality improvement program to improve maternal vaccination uptake in obstetrics

by Christine I Spina; Sarah E Brewer; Mallory K Ellingson; Allison Chamberlain; Rupali J Limaye; Walter Orenstein; Daniel A Salmon; Saad Omer; Sean T O'Leary



MomsTalkShots, tailored educational app, improves vaccine attitudes: a randomized controlled trial

by Matthew Z Dudley; Saad B Omer; Sean T O'Leary; Rupali J Limaye; Mallory K Ellingson; Christine Spina; Sarah E Brewer; Robert Bednarczyk; Allison Chamberlain; Fauzia Malik; Paula Frew; Cathy Church-Balin; Laura E Riley; Kevin Ault; Walter Orenstein; Neal A Halsey; Daniel A Salmon