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Growth patterns in childhood and adolescence and adult body composition: a pooled analysis of birth cohort studies from five low and middle-income countries (COHORTS collaboration)

by Natalia E Poveda; Linda S Adair; Reynaldo Martorell; Shivani Patel; Manuel Ramirez-Zea; Santosh K Bhargava; Sonny A Bechayda; Delia B Carba; Maria F Kroker-Lobos; Bernardo Lessa Horta; Natália Peixoto Lima; Mónica Mazariegos; Ana Maria Baptista Menezes; Shane Norris; Lukhanyo H Nyati; Linda M Richter; Harshpal Sachdev; Fernando C Wehrmeister; Aryeh Stein



Early-life stature, preschool cognitive development, schooling attainment, and cognitive functioning in adulthood: a prospective study in four birth cohorts

by Aryeh Stein; Linda S Adair; Georgina Donati; Charlotte Wray; Linda M Richter; Shane Norris; Alan Stein; Reynaldo Martorell; Manuel Ramirez-Zea; Ana MB Menezes; Joseph Murray; Cesar Victora; Nanette Lee; Isabelita Bas



Subjective social status is associated with happiness but not weight status or psychological distress: An analysis of three prospective birth cohorts from low- and middle-income countries

by Jithin S Varghese; Rachel W Hall; Linda S Adair; Shivani Patel; Reynaldo Martorell; Delia E Belleza; Maria F Kroker-Lobos; Nanette R Lee; Lukhanyo H Nyati; Manuel Ramirez-Zea; Linda M Richter; Aryeh Stein



Metabolic flexibility differs by body composition in adults

by Siran He; Ngoc-Anh Le; Manuel Ramírez-Zea; Reynaldo Martorell; Venkat KM Narayan; Aryeh Stein