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Growth faltering and recovery in children aged 1-8 years in four low- and middle-income countries: Young Lives

by Elizabeth A. Lundeen; Jere R. Behrman; Benjamin T. Crookston; Kirk A. Dearden; Patrice Engle; Andreas Georgiadis; Mary E. Penny; Aryeh Stein



Periods of child growth up to age 8 years in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam: Key distal household and community factors

by Whitney B. Schott; Benjamin T. Crookston; Elizabeth A. Lundeen; Aryeh Stein; Jere R. Behrman



Executive functions form a single construct and are associated with schooling: Evidence from three low- and middle-income countries

by Charlotte Wray; Alysse Kowalski; Feziwe Mpondo; Laura Ochaeta; Delia Belleza; Ann DiGirolamo; Rachel Waford; Linda Richter; Nanette Lee; Gaia Scerif; Aryeh Stein; Alan Stein



Effects of diabetes definition on global surveillance of diabetes prevalence and diagnosis: a pooled analysis of 96 population-based studies with 331288 participants

by Goodarz Danaei; Saman Fahimi; Yuan Lu; Bin Zhou; Mohammed K Ali; Majid Ezzati; Ziad A. Abdeen; Khalid Abdul Kadir; Niveen M. Abu-Rmeileh; Benjamin Acosta-Cazares; Wichai Aekplakorn; Carlos A. Aguilar-Salinas; Alireza Ahmadvand; Mohannad Al Nsour; Ala'a Alkerwi; Philippe Amouyel; Lars Bo Andersen; Sigmund A. Anderssen; Dolores S. Andrade; Reynaldo Martorell; Aryeh Stein



Early gestation as the critical time-window for changes in the prenatal environment to affect the adult human blood methylome.

by Elmar W Tobi; Roderick C Slieker; Aryeh Stein; H Eka D Suchiman; P Eline Slagboom; Erik W van Zwet; Bastiaan T Heijmans; LH Lumey