Arlene Stecenko MD


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The Role of Mitochondrial Oxidation in Endotoxin-Induced Liver-Dependent Swine Pulmonary Edema

by Amsel M. Siore; Richard E. Parker; Chris Cuppels; Natalie Thorn; Jason M. Hansen; Arlene Stecenko; Kenneth L Brigham



Sub-nanoliter metabolomics via mass spectrometry to characterize volume-limited samples

by Yafeng Li; Marcos Bouza; Changsheng Wu; Hengyu Guo; Danning Huang; Gilad Doron; Johnna Temenoff; Arlene Stecenko; Zhong Lin Wang; Facundo M. Fernandez




Systemic levels of anti-PAD4 autoantibodies correlate with airway obstruction in cystic fibrosis

by Ruchi Yadav; Dae-goon Yoo; J. Michelle Kahlenberg; S. Louis Bridges, Jr.; Oluwadamilola Oni; Hanwen Huang; Arlene Stecenko; Balazs Rada



Infusion of freshly isolated autologous bone marrow derived mononuclear cells prevents endotoxin-induced lung injury in an ex-vivo perfused swine model

by Mauricio Rojas; Richard E. Parker; Natalie Thorn; Claudia Corredor; Smita Iyer; Marta Bueno; Lyle Mroz; Nayra Cardenes; Ana L. Mora; Arlene Stecenko; Kenneth L Brigham



Treatment of vitamin D deficiency with UV light in patients with malabsorption syndromes: a case series

by Prakash Chandra; Linda L. Wolfenden; Thomas R. Ziegler; Junqiang Tian; Menghua Luo; Arlene Stecenko; Tai C. Chen; Michael F. Holick; Vin Tangpricha