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SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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Cohort profile: seek, test, treat and retain United States criminal justice cohort.

by Redonna Chandler; Micheal S. Gordon; Bridget Kruszka; Lauren N. Strand; Frederick L. Altice; Curt G. Beckwith; Mary L. Biggs; William Cunningham; J.A. Chris Delaney; Patrick M. Flynn; Carol E. Golin; Kevin Knight; Alex H. Kral; Irene Kuo; Jennifer Lorvick; Robin M. Nance; Lawrence J. Ouellet; Josiah D. Rich; Stanley Sacks; David Seal; Anne Spaulding; Sandra A. Springer; Faye Taxman; David Wohl; Jeremy D. Young; Rebekah Young; Heidi M. Crane



Where is the US Hepatitis C Epidemic *Now*? Putting the “Pen” on the Map as Elimination Efforts Hunt for Remaining Cases.

by Cesar A. Taborda Vidarte; Emeli J. Anderson; Mohammed A. Khan; Jennifer A. Phillips; Anne Spaulding



Smoking in Correctional Settings Worldwide: Prevalence, Bans, and Interventions

by Anne C Spaulding; Gloria D. Eldridge; Cynthia E Chico; Nancy Morisseau; Ana Drobeniuc; Rebecca Fils-Aime; Carolyn Day; Robyn Hopkins; Xingzhong Jin; Junyu Chen; Kate A Dolan



Prisoners treated for hepatitis C with protease inhibitor, New York, USA, 2012

by Harish Moorjani; Carl Koenigsmann; Min Jung Kim; Anne C Spaulding



Costs of Rapid HIV Screening in an Urban Emergency Department and a Nearby County Jail in the Southeastern United States.

by Anne C Spaulding; Robin J. MacGowan; Brittney Copeland; Ram K. Shrestha; Chava J. Bowden; Min J. Kim; Andrew Margolis; Genetha Mustaafaa; Laurie C. Reid; Katherine Heilpern; Bijal Bharat Shah



HIV/AIDS among Inmates of and Releasees from US Correctional Facilities, 2006: Declining Share of Epidemic but Persistent Public Health Opportunity

by Anne C Spaulding; Ryan M. Seals; Matthew J. Page; Amanda K. Brzozowski; William Rhodes; Theodore M. Hammett



Diversity of Release Patterns for Jail Detainees: Implications for Public Health Interventions

by Anne C Spaulding; Sebastian D. Perez; Ryan M. Seals; Madhura A. Hallman; Ravi Kavasery; Paul Weiss



A model for rigorously applying the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, Sustainment (EPIS) framework in the design and measurement of a large scale collaborative multi-site study

by Jennifer E. Becan; John P. Bartkowski; Danica K. Knight; Tisha R. A. Wiley; Ralph Joseph Diclemente; Lori Ducharme; Wayne N. Welsh; Diana Bowser; Kathryn McCollister; Matthew Hiller; Anne C Spaulding; Patrick M. Flynn; Andrea Swartzendruber; Megan F. Dickson; Jacqueline Horan Fisher; Gregory A. Aarons



The Impact of Implementing a Test, Treat and Retain HIV Prevention Strategy in Atlanta among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men with a History of Incarceration: A Mathematical Model

by Viviane D. Lima; Isabell Graf; Curt G. Beckwith; Sandra Springer; Frederick L. Altice; Daniel Coombs; Brian Kim; Lauren Messina; Julio S. G. Montaner; Anne Spaulding