Anne C Spaulding MD/MPH


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A model for rigorously applying the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, Sustainment (EPIS) framework in the design and measurement of a large scale collaborative multi-site study

by Jennifer E. Becan; John P. Bartkowski; Danica K. Knight; Tisha R. A. Wiley; Ralph Joseph Diclemente; Lori Ducharme; Wayne N. Welsh; Diana Bowser; Kathryn McCollister; Matthew Hiller; Anne C Spaulding; Patrick M. Flynn; Andrea Swartzendruber; Megan F. Dickson; Jacqueline Horan Fisher; Gregory A. Aarons



Correlates of Retention in HIV Care After Release from Jail: Results from a Multi-site Study

by Amy L. Althoff; Alexei Zelenev; Jaimie P. Meyer; Jeannia Fu; Shan-Estelle Brown; Panagiotis Vagenas; Ann K. Avery; Jacqueline Cruzado-Quinones; Anne Spaulding; Frederick L. Altice



Screening for HCV Infection in Jails

by Anne C Spaulding; David L. Thomas



Aiming for Zero: Reducing Transmission of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in the DC Department of Corrections

by Anne Spaulding; ME Epting; JA Pluznik; SR Levano; X Hua; ICH Fung; B Jordan; E O'Donovan; KM Robinson; R Chakraborty; B Yousefi; CJ Michel; CJ Bowden; A Kapadia; LR Riback; AT Mangla; MJ Akiyama



Substantial overlap between incarceration and tuberculosis in atlanta, georgia, 2011.

by Maryam B. Haddad; Mary K. Foote; Susan Ray; David M. Maggio; Rose-Marie F. Sales; Min Jung Kim; Russell Kempker; Anne C Spaulding



The Mortality after Release from Incarceration Consortium (MARIC): Protocol for a multi-national, individual participant data meta-analysis.

by R. Borschmann; H. Tibble; M. J. Spittal; D. Preen; J. Pirkis; S. Larney; D. L. Rosen; J. T. Young; A. D. Love; F. L. Altice; I. A. Binswanger; A. Bukten; T. Butler; Z. Chang; C. Y. Chen; T. Clausen; P. B. Christensen; G. J. Culbert; L. Degenhardt; A. J. E. Dirkzwager; K. Dolan; S. Fazel; C. Fischbacher; M. Giles; L. Graham; D. Harding; Y. F. Huang; F. Huber; A. Karaminia; C. Keen; F. G. Kouyoumdjian; S. Lim; L. Møller; A. Moniruzzaman; J. Morenoff; E. O'Moore; L. N. Pizzicato; D. Pratt; S. K. Proescholdbell; S. I. Ranapurwala; M. E. Shanahan; J. Shaw; A Slaunwhite; J. M. Somers; Anne Spaulding; M. F. Stern; K. M. Viner; N. Wang; M. Willoughby; B. Zhao; S. A. Kinner