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COVID-19 and Catatonia: A Case Series and Systematic Review of Existing Literature

by Nathan S. Scheiner; Ashley K. Smith; Margaret Wohlleber; Challyn Malone; Ann Schwartz



The differential effects of PTSD, MDD, and dissociation on CRP in trauma-exposed women

by Abigail Powers; Hayley Drew Dixon; Karen Conneely; Rachel Gluck; Adam Munoz; Cleo Rochat; Hadrian Mendoza; Georgina Hartzell; Kerry Ressler; Bekh Bradley-Davino; Thaddeus Pace; Guillermo Umpierrez; Ann Schwartz; Vasiliki Michopoulos; Charles Gillespie



Trauma exposure and stress‐related disorders in African‐American women with diabetes mellitus

by H. Drew Dixon; Vasiliki Michopoulos; Rachel L. Gluck; Hadrian Mendoza; Adam P. Munoz; Joseph G. Wilson; Abigail Powers; Ann Schwartz; Guillermo Umpierrez; Charles Gillespie