Amit Manohar Saindane MD

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Phone: 404-712-4868


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SOM: Rad: Neuroradiology

School Of Medicine

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Better object recognition and naming outcome with MRI-guided stereotactic laser amygdalohippocampotomy for temporal lobe epilepsy

by Daniel Drane; David Loring; Natalie Voets; Michele Price; Jeffrey G. Ojemann; Jon Willie; Amit Saindane; Vaishali Phatak; Mirjana Ivanisevic; Scott Millis; Sandra Helmers; John W. Miller; Kimford Meador; Robert Gross



Famous face identification in temporal lobe epilepsy: Support for a multimodal integration model of semantic memory

by Daniel L Drane; Jeffrey G. Ojemann; Vaishali Phatak; David W Loring; Robert Gross; Adam O. Hebb; Daniel L. Silbergeld; John W. Miller; Natalie L. Voets; Amit Manohar Saindane; Lawrence Barsalou; Kim J Meador; George A. Ojemann; Daniel Tranel