Amy Rodriguez


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Degrees Held:

  • PhD, University of Florida, 2010
  • MA, University of Central Florida, 2000
  • BS, West Virginia University, 1998

Research Interests:

Biography/Description of Research:

As a speech-language pathologist and rehabilitation scientist, I focus on development and evaluation of neuroplasticity-based treatments for language and cognitive disorders resulting from neurologic disease. My research includes investigation of intensive comprehensive treatment approaches, as well as the use of exercise and brain stimulation as adjuvants to traditional treatment. Additional interests include dose-response relationships, as well as behavioral and neural predictors of treatment response. The overarching goals of my research are to: 1) develop clinically translatable treatments that yield generalizable and lasting effects and 2) develop clinically accessible ways of identifying who will acquire benefit from a specific treatment approach.

Works 1-10 of 10


Neuroplasticity and aphasia treatments: new approaches for an old problem

by Bruce Crosson; Amy Rodriguez; David Copland; Julius Fridriksson; Lisa Krishnamurthy; Marcus Meinzer; Anastasia M Raymer; Venkatagiri Krishnamurthy; Alexander P Leff



Aerobic Exercise as an Adjuvant to Aphasia Therapy: Theory, Preliminary Findings, and Future Directions

by Stacy M. Harnish; Amy Rodriguez; Deena Schwen Blackett; Christopher Gregory; Lauren Seeds; Jeffrey Boatright; Bruce Crosson



Modulation of frontal EEG alpha oscillations during maintenance and emergence phases of general anaesthesia to improve early neurocognitive recovery in older patients: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

by Amy Gaskell; Rebecca Pullon; Darren Hight; Jonathan Termaat; Gay Mans; Logan Voss; Matthias Kreuzer; Sebastian Schmid; Stephan Kratzer; Amy Rodriguez; Gerhard Schneider; Paul Garcia; Jamie Sleigh