Augustine Rajakumar

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Zika Virus Infects Human Placental Macrophages

by Kendra M. Quicke; James R. Bowen; Erica Johnson; Circe E. McDonald; Huailiang Ma; Justin T. O'Neal; Augustine Rajakumar; Jens Wrammert; Bassam Rimawi; Bali Pulendran; Raymond Schinazi; Rana Chakraborty; Mehul Suthar



Induced Human Decidual NK-Like Cells Improve Utero-Placental Perfusion in Mice

by Ricardo C. Cavalli; Ana Sofia Cerdeira; Elizabeth Perniconel; Henri A. Korkes; Suzanne D. Burke; Augustine Rajakumar; Ravi I. Thadhani; Drucilla J. Roberts; Manoj Bhasinl; S. Ananth Karumanchi; Hernan D. Kopcow



FLT1 and transcriptome-wide polyadenylation site (PAS) analysis in preeclampsia

by Ami Ashar-Patel; Yasin Kaymaz; Augustine Rajakumar; Jeffrey A. Bailey; S. Ananth Karumanchi; Melissa J. Moore