Ashli Owen-Smith


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Visual Conformity With Affirmed Gender or "Passing": Its Distribution and Association With Depression and Anxiety in a Cohort of Transgender People

by Margaret To; Qi Zhang; Andrew Bradlyn; Darios Getahun; Shawn Giammattei; Rebecca Nash; Ashli Owen-Smith; Douglas Roblin; Michael J Silverberg; Vin Tangpricha; Suma Vupputuri; Michael Goodman



Association Between Gender Confirmation Treatments and Perceived Gender Congruence, Body Image Satisfaction, and Mental Health in a Cohort of Transgender Individuals

by Ashli Owen-Smith; Joseph Gerth; R. Craig Sineath; Joshua Barzilay; Tracy A. Becerra-Culqui; Darios Getahun; Shawn Giammattei; Enid Hunkeler; Timothy Lash; Andrea Millman; Rebecca Nash; Virginia P. Quinn; Brandi Robinson; Douglas Roblin; Travis Sanchez; Michael J. Silverberg; Vin Tangpricha; Cadence Valentine; Savannah Winter; Cory Woodyatt; Yongjia Song; Michael Goodman