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Mitochondrial respiratory chain protein co-regulation in the human brain

by Nicholas Seyfried; Thomas Wingo; Aliza Wingo; C Trumpff; E Owusu-Ansah; H-U Klein; AJ Lee; V Petyuk; M Thambisetty; L Ferrucci; DA Bennett; PL De Jager; M Picard



PTSD is associated with increased DNA methylation across regions of HLA-DPB1 and SPATC1L

by Alicia Smith; Charles Gillespie; Vasiliki Michopoulos; Suresh Venkateswaran; Adriana Lori; Kerry Ressler; Aliza Wingo; Subramaniam Kugathasan; Tanja Jovanovic; Abigail Lott; S Katrinli; Y Zheng; A Gautam; R Hammamieh; R Yang; V Kilaru; R Hinrichs; A Powers; EJ Wolf; RE McGlinchey; WP Milberg; MW Miller; M Jett; MW Logue



Correlates of recovery of social functioning in type I and II bipolar disorder patients

by Aliza Wingo; Ross J. Baldessarini; Michael T. Compton; Philip D. Harvey



Multi-tissue neocortical transcriptome-wide association study implicates 8 genes across 6 genomic loci in Alzheimer’s disease

by Jake Gockley; Kelsey S. Montgomery; William L. Poehlman; Jesse C. Wiley; Yue Liu; Ekaterina Gerasimov; Anna K. Greenwood; Solveig K. Sieberts; Aliza Wingo; Thomas Wingo; Lara M. Mangravite; Benjamin A. Logsdon



Brain microRNAs are associated with variation in cognitive trajectory in advanced age

by Peng Jin; Nicholas Seyfried; James Lah; Thomas Wingo; Aliza Wingo; Allan Levey; M Wang; J Liu; MS Breen; H-S Yang; B Tang; JA Schneider; DA Bennett; PL De Jager