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Lactobacilli Modulate Epithelial Cytoprotection through the Nrf2 Pathway

by Rheinallt Jones; Chirayu Desai; Trevor M. Darby; Liping Luo; Alexandra A. Wolfarth; Christopher Scharer; Courtney S. Ardita; Erin S. Keebaugh; Andrew Neish



Epithelial Adhesion Mediated by Pilin SpaC Is Required for Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG-Induced Cellular Responses

by Courtney S. Ardita; Jeffrey W. Mercante; Young Man Kwon; Liping Luo; Madelyn E. Crawford; Domonica N. Powell; Rheinallt Jones; Andrew S Neish



Enteropathogenic E. coli non-LEE encoded effectors NleH1 and NleH2 attenuate NF-kappa B activation

by Sandhya V. Royan; Rheinallt Jones; Athanasia Koutsouris; Jennifer L. Roxas; Kanakeshwari Falzari; Andrew W. Weflen; Amy Kim; Amy Bellmeyer; Jerrold R. Turner; Andrew Neish; Ki-Jong Rhee; V. K. Viswanathan; Gail A. Hecht



Expression profiling and pathway analysis of Krüppel-like factor 4 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts

by Engda G Hagos; Amr M Ghaleb; Amrita Kumar; Andrew S Neish; Vincent W. Yang