Abeer Moanna MD


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Retention in HIV care depends on patients' perceptions of the clinic experience

by Matthew H. Wessinger; Monique Hennink; Bonnie N. Kaiser; Jed P. Mangal; Runa H. Gokhale; Lauren Ruchin; Abeer Moanna; David Rimland; Eugene Farber; Vincent Marconi



Development and Validation of a Risk Score for Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV Infection Using Prospective Cohort Data from the D:A:D Study

by Amanda Mocroft; Jens D. Lundgren; Michael Ross; Matthew Law; Peter Reiss; Ole Kirk; Colette Smith; Deborah Wentworth; Jacqueline Neuhaus; Christoph A. Fux; Olivier Moranne; Phillipe Morlat; Margaret A. Johnson; Lene Ryom; Abeer Moanna; David Rimland; Kimberly Workowski