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Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the life span

by David Furman; Judith Campisi; Eric Verdin; Pedro Carrera-Bastos; Sasha Targ; Claudio Franceschi; Luigi Ferrucci; Derek W. Gilroy; Alessio Fasano; Gary Miller; Andrew Miller; Alberto Mantovani; Cornelia M. Weyand; Nir Barzilai; Jorg J. Goronzy; Thomas A. Rando; Rita B. Effros; Alejandro Lucia; Nicole Kleinstreuer; George M. Slavich



Cancer-related inflammation and depressive symptoms: Systematic review and meta-analysis

by Andrew Miller; DC McFarland; M Doherty; TM Atkinson; R O'Hanlon; W Breitbart; CJ Nelson