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Congenital Anomalies in the Children of Cancer Survivors: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Lisa B. Signorello; John J. Mulvihill; Daniel M. Green; Heather M. Munro; Marilyn Stovall; Rita E. Weathers; Ann Mertens; John A. Whitton; Leslie L. Robison; John D. Boice



Cancer Prevention and Screening Practices of Siblings of Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by David Buchbinder; Ann Mertens; Lonnie K. Zeltzer; Wendy Leisenring; Pam Goodman; E. Anne Lown; Melissa A. Alderfer; Christopher Recklitis; Kevin Oeffinger; Gregory T. Armstrong; Melissa Hudson; Leslie L. Robison; Jacqueline Casillas



Absolute Risk Prediction of Second Primary Thyroid Cancer Among 5-Year Survivors of Childhood Cancer

by Stephanie A. Kovalchik; Cecile M. Ronckers; Lene H. S. Veiga; Alice J. Sigurdson; Peter D. Inskip; Florent de Vathaire; Charles A. Sklar; Sarah S. Donaldson; Harald Anderson; Parveen Bhatti; Sue Hammond; Wendy M. Leisenring; Ann Mertens; Susan Smith; Marilyn Stovall; Margaret A. Tucker; Rita E. Weathers; Leslie L. Robison; Ruth M. Pfeiffer



Pain in long-term adult survivors of childhood cancers and their siblings: A report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Qian Lu; Kevin R. Krull; Wendy Leisenring; Jason E. Owen; Toana Kawashima; Jennie C. I. Tsao; Bradley Zebrack; Ann Mertens; Gregory T. Armstrong; Marilyn Stovall; Leslie L. Robison; Lonnie K. Zeltzer



Chemotherapy and Thyroid Cancer Risk: a Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Lene H. S. Veiga; Parveen Bhatti; Cecile M. Ronckers; Alice J. Sigurdson; Marilyn Stovall; Susan A. Smith; Rita Weathers; Wendy Leisenring; Ann Mertens; Sue Hammond; Joseph P. Neglia; Anna T. Meadows; Sarah S. Donaldson; Charles A. Sklar; Debra L. Friedman; Leslie L. Robison; Peter D. Inskip



Cardiac outcomes in a cohort of adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer: retrospective analysis of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study cohort

by Daniel A Mulrooney; Mark W Yeazel; Toana Kawashima; Ann Mertens; Pauline Mitby; Marilyn Stovall; Sarah S Donaldson; Daniel M Green; Charles A Sklar; Leslie L Robison; Wendy M Leisenring