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Modifiable Risk Factors and Major Cardiac Events Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

by Gregory T. Armstrong; Kevin C. Oeffinger; Yan Chen; Toana Kawashima; Yutaka Yasui; Wendy Leisenring; Marilyn Stovall; Eric J. Chow; Charles A. Sklar; Daniel A. Mulrooney; Ann Mertens; William Border; Jean-Bernard Durand; Leslie L. Robison; Lillian Meacham



Patterns of infection and day care utilization and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

by JP Neglia; MS Linet; XO Shu; RK Severson; JD Potter; Ann Mertens; W Wen; JH Kersey; LL Robison



Piloting a computer assisted telephone interview: the FUCHSIA Women's Study

by Helen B. Chin; Candice Y. Johnson; Konny H. Kim; Jessica H. Knight; Ann Mertens; Pamela J. Mink; Regina M. Simeone; Jill J. Woodard; Penelope Howards



Radiation-Related Risk of Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Tanya C. Watt; Peter D. Inskip; Kayla Stratton; Susan A. Smith; Stephen F. Kry; Alice J. Sigurdson; Marilyn Stovall; Wendy Leisenring; Leslie L. Robison; Ann Mertens



Cause-Specific Late Mortality Among 5-Year Survivors of Childhood Cancer: The Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Ann Mertens; Qi Liu; Joseph P. Neglia; Karen Wasilewski-Masker; Wendy Leisenring; Gregory T. Armstrong; Leslie L. Robison; Yutaka Yasui



Prevalence and predictors of risky and heavy alcohol consumption among adult siblings of childhood cancer survivors

by E. Anne Lown; Ann Mertens; Rachael A. Korcha; Wendy Leisenring; Melissa M. Hudson; Thomas K. Greenfield; Leslie L. Robison; Lonnie K. Zeltzer



Correlates of continued smoking versus cessation among survivors of smoking-related cancers

by Carla Berg; Akilah N. Thomas; Ann Mertens; Gillian Schauer; Erika A. Pinsker; Jasjit S. Ahluwalia; Fadlo Khuri



Risk of Salivary Gland Cancer Following Childhood Cancer: A Report From The Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

by Houda Boukheris; Marilyn Stovall; Ethel S. Gilbert; Kaya L. Stratton; Susan A. Smith; Rita Weathers; Sue Hammond; Ann Mertens; Sarah S. Donaldson; Gregory T. Armstrong; Leslie L. Robison; Joseph P. Neglia; Peter D. Inskip



Advancing Survivors' Knowledge (ASK) about skin cancer study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

by Casey L. Daniel; Gregory T. Armstrong; Robyn R. Keske; Jessica A. Davine; Aaron J. McDonald; Kim M. Sprunck-Harrild; Catherine Coleman; Sebastien J. Haneuse; Ann Mertens; Karen M. Emmons; Ashfaq A. Marghoob; Elena B. Elkin; Stephen W. Dusza; Leslie L. Robison; Alan C. Geller