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Inflammatory and Comorbid Features of Patients with Severe Asthma and Frequent Exacerbations

by Loren C. Denlinger; Brenda R. Phillips; Sima Ramratnam; Kristie Ross; Nirav R. Bhakta; Juan Carlos Cardet; Mario Castro; Stephen P. Peters; Wanda Phipatanakul; Shean Aujla; Leonard B. Bacharier; Eugene R Bleecker; Suzy A. A. Comhair; Andrea Coverstone; Mark DeBoer; Serpil C. Erzurum; Sean B. Fain; Merritt Fajt; Anne M Fitzpatrick; Jonathan Gaffin; Benjamin Gaston; Annette T. Hastie; Gregory A. Hawkins; Fernando Holguin; Anne-Marie Irani; Elliot Israel; Bruce D. Levy; Ngoc Ly; Deborah A. Meyers; Wendy C. Moore; Ross Myers; Maria Theresa D. Opina; Michael C. Peters; Mark L. Schiebler; Ronald L. Sorkness; W. Gerald Teague; Sally E. Wenzel; Prescott G. Woodruff ; David T. Mauger; John V. Fahy; Nizar N. Jarjour



Asthma Is More Severe in Older Adults

by Joe G. Zein; Raed A. Dweik; Suzy A. Comhair; Eugene R. Bleecker; Wendy C. Moore; Stephen P. Peters; William W. Busse; Nizar N. Jarjour; William J. Calhoun; Mario Castro; K. Fan Chung; Anne Fitzpatrick; Elliot Israel; W. Gerald Teague; Sally E. Wenzel; Thomas E. Love; Benjamin M. Gaston; Serpil C. Erzurum



Clinical Implications of Having Reduced Mid Forced Expiratory Flow Rates (FEF25-75), Independently of FEV1, in Adult Patients with Asthma

by Craig M. Riley; Sally E. Wenzel; Mario Castro; Serpil C. Erzurum; Kian Fan Chung; Anne Fitzpatrick; Benjamin Gaston; Elliot Israel; Wendy C. Moore; Eugene R. Bleecker; William J. Calhoun; Nizar N. Jarjour; William W. Busse; Stephen P. Peters; W. Gerald Teague; Ronald Sorkness; Fernando Holguin



Breath Formate Is a Marker of Airway S-Nitrosothiol Depletion in Severe Asthma

by Roby Greenwald; Anne M Fitzpatrick; Benjamin Gaston; Nadzeya V. Marozkina; Serpil Erzurum; W. Gerald Teague



Baseline Features of the Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP III) Cohort: Differences with Age

by W. Gerald Teague; Brenda R. Phillips; John V. Fahy; Sally E. Wenzel; Anne Fitzpatrick; Wendy C. Moore; Annette T. Hastie; Eugene R. Bleecker; Deborah A. Meyers; Stephen P. Peters; Mario Castro; Andrea M. Coverstone; Leonard B. Bacharier; Ngoc P. Ly; Michael C. Peters; Loren C. Denlinger; Sima Ramratnam; Ronald L. Sorkness; Benjamin M. Gaston; Serpil C. Erzurum; Suzy A. A. Comhair; Ross E. Myers; Joe Zein; Mark D. DeBoer; Anne-Marie Irani; Elliot Israel; Bruce Levy; Juan Carlos Cardet; Wanda Phipatanakul; Jonathan M. Gaffin; Fernando Holguin; Merritt L. Fajt; Shean J. Aujla; David T. Mauger; Nizar N. Jarjour