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Severe Asthma in Children

by TW Guilbert; LB Bacharier; Anne M Fitzpatrick



Childhood asthma clusters and response to therapy in clinical trials

by Timothy S. Chang; Robert F. Lemanske; David Mauger; Anne Fitzpatrick; Christine A. Sorkness; Stanley J. Szefler; Ronald E. Gangnon; C. David Page; Daniel J. Jackson



Exacerbation-prone asthma in the context of race and ancestry in Asthma Clinical Research Network trials

by Nicole L. Grossman; Victor E. Ortega; Tonya S. King; Eugene R. Bleecker; Elizabeth A. Ampleford; Leonard B. Bacharier; Michael D. Cabana; Juan C. Cardet; Tara F. Carr; Jerry A. Krishnan; Stphen C. Lazarus; Sharmilee M. Nyenhuis; Wanda Phipatanakul; Sima K. Ramratnam; Sally Wenzel; Stephen P. Peters; Deborah A. Meyers; Michael E. Wechnsler; Elliot Israel; Mario Castro; Loren C. Denlinger; Joshua L. Denson; Nicolas Fandino; Anne Fitzpatrick; Gregory A. Hawkins; Fernando Holguin



Sex dependence of airflow limitation and air trapping in children with severe asthma

by Ronald L. Sorkness; W. Gerald Teague; Madhuri Penugonda; Anne M Fitzpatrick



Adherence rates during a randomized controlled trial evaluating the use of blinded acetaminophen and ibuprofen in children with asthma

by Anne Fitzpatrick; WJ Sheehan; IM Paul; DT Mauger; JN Moy; SJ Szefler; DJ Jackson; MD Cabana; R Covar; RG Robison; W Phipatanakul



Clinical significance of the bronchodilator response in children with severe asthma

by Andrea M. Coverstone; Leonard B. Bacharier; Bradley S. Wilson; Anne Fitzpatrick; W. Gerald Teague; Wanda Phipatanakul; Sally E. Wenzel; Benjamin M. Gaston; Eugene R. Bleecker; Wendy C. Moore; Sima Ramratnam; Nizar n. Jarjour; Ngoc P. Ly; John V. Fahy; David T. Mauger; Kenneth B. Schechtman; Huiqing Yin-DeClue; Jonathan S. Boomer; Mario Castro