Aneesh K Mehta MD


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Cryptococcus transmission through solid organ transplantation in the United States: A report from the Ad Hoc Disease Transmission Advisory Committee

by Aneesh Mehta; Sridhar Basavaraju; Brendan Jackson; LR Penumarthi; RM La Hoz; CR Wolfe; M Malinis; L Danziger-Isakov; L Strasfeld; DF Florescu; G Vece; MG Michaels



Avoidance of CNI and steroids using belatacept-Results of the Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation 16 trial

by Aneesh Mehta; Christian Larsen; Alton Farris III; Kenneth Newell; RB Mannon; B Armstrong; PG Stock; AB Farris; N Watson; Y Morrison; M Sarwal; T Sigdel; N Bridges; M Robien



Defining antigen-specific plasmablast and memory B cell subsets in human blood after viral infection or vaccination

by Ali Ellebedy; Katherine J.L. Jackson; Haydn Kissick; Helder I. Nakaya; Carl W. Davis; Krishna M. Roskin; Anita K. McElroy; Christine M. Oshansky; Rivka Elbein; Shine Thomas; George Lyon III; Christina F. Spiropoulou; Aneesh Mehta; Paul G. Thomas; Scott D. Boyd; Rafi Ahmed



Pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine induces a recall response in humans that favors broadly cross-reactive memory B cells

by Gui-Mei Li; Christopher Chiu; Jens Wrammert; Megan McCausland; Sarah F. Andrews; Nai-Ying Zheng; Jane-Hwei Lee; Min Huang; Xinyan Qu; Srilatha Edupuganti; Mark Mulligan; Suman R. Das; Jonathan W. Yewdell; Aneesh K Mehta; Patrick C. Wilson; Rafi Ahmed