Amy Dunn MD


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Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2C enhances vesicular storage of dopamine and counters dopaminergic toxicity

by Amy Dunn; ML Bucher; JM Bradner; KS Egerton; JP Burkett; MA Johnson; GW Miller



Development and application of global assays of hyper- and hypofibrinolysis

by Anton Ilich; Denis F. Noubouossie; Michael Henderson; Patrick Ellsworth; Kathleen F. Betbadal; Elena Campello; Shannon Meeks; Amy Dunn; Myung S. Park; Rafal Pawlinski; Paolo Simioni; Amy Shapiro; Nigel S. Key



Young adult outcomes of childhood prophylaxis for severe hemophilia A: results of the Joint Outcome Continuation Study

by Beth B. Warren; Dianne Thornhill; Jill Stein; Michael Fadell; J. David Ingram; Sharon Funk; Kristi L. Norton; Heidi D. Lane; Carolyn Bennett; Amy Dunn; Michael Recht; Amy Shapiro; Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson



Immunochemical analysis of the expression of SV2C in mouse, macaque and human brain

by Amy Dunn; Carlie A. Hoffman; Kristen A. Stout; Minagi Ozawa; Rohan K. Dhamsania; Gary Miller