Aaron Anderson MD


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Does the Association of Diabetes With Stroke Risk Differ by Age, Race, and Sex? Results From the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study

by Gargya Malla; D. Leann Long; Suzanne E. Judd; Marguerite R. Irvin; Brett M. Kissela; Daniel T. Lackland; Monika M. Safford; Deborah A. Levine; Virginia J. Howard; George Howard; J. David Rhodes; Jenifer H. Voeks; Dawn O. Kleindorfer; Aaron Anderson; James F. Meschia; April P. Carson



Delivering a "dose of hope": a faith-based program to increase older african americans' participation in clinical trials.

by Paula Frew; Saad Omer; Kimberly Parker; Marcus Bolton; Jay Schamel; Eve Shapiro; Lauren Owens; Diane Saint-Victor; Sahithi Boggavarapu; Nikia Braxton; Matthew Archibald ; Ameeta Kalokhe; Takeia Horton; Christin M Root; Vincent L Fenimore; Aaron Anderson