Anant Mandawat


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Progression of Myocardial Fibrosis in Nonischemic DCM and Association With Mortality and Heart Failure Outcomes

by Anant Mandawat; P Chattranukulchai; AJ Blood; S Ambati; B Hayes; W Rehwald; HW Kim; JF Heitner; DJ Shah; I Klem



Electrocardiographic features of immune checkpoint inhibitor associated myocarditis

by Anant Mandawat; DA Zlotoff; MZO Hassan; A Zafar; RM Alvi; M Awadalla; SS Mahmood; L Zhang; CL Chen; S Ederhy; A Barac; D Banerji; M Jones-O'Connor; SP Murphy; M Armanious; BJ Forrestal; MC Kirchberger; OR Coelho-Filho; MA Rizvi; G Sahni; CG Tocchetti; S Hartmann; HK Gilman; E Zatarain-Nicolas; M Mahmoudi; D Gupta; R Sullivan; S Ganatra; EH Yang; LM Heinzerling; F Thuny; L Zubiri; KL Reynolds; J Cohen; AR Lyon; J Groarke; P Thavendiranathan; A Nohria; MG Fradley; TG Neilan




Global Longitudinal Strain and Cardiac Events in Patients With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Myocarditis

by Anant Mandawat; M Awadalla; SS Mahmood; JD Groarke; MZO Hassan; A Nohria; A Rokicki; SP Murphy; ND Mercaldo; L Zhang; DA Zlotoff; KL Reynolds; RM Alvi; D Banerji; S Liu; LM Heinzerling; M Jones-O'Connor; RB Bakar; JV Cohen; MC Kirchberger; RJ Sullivan; D Gupta; CP Mulligan; SP Shah; S Ganatra; MA Rizvi; G Sahni; CG Tocchetti; DP Lawrence; M Mahmoudi; RB Devereux; BJ Forrestal; AR Lyon; CL Chen; A Barac; J Hung; P Thavendiranathan; MH Picard; F Thuny; S Ederhy; MG Fradley; TG Neilan