Allan I Levey MD/PhD


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Behavior Matters—Cognitive Predictors of Survival in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

by William Hu; Matthew Shelnutt; Ashley Wilson; Nicole Yarab; Crystal Kelly; Murray Grossman; David J. Libon; Jaffar Khan; James J Lah; Allan I Levey; Jonathan D Glass



Flow-cytometric microglial sorting coupled with quantitative proteomics identifies moesin as a highly-abundant microglial protein with relevance to Alzheimer's disease

by Sruti Rayaprolu; Tianwen Gao; Hailian Xiao; Supriya Ramesha; Laura D. Weinstock; Jheel Shah; Duc M. Duong; Eric Dammer; James A. Webster, Jr.; James Lah; Levi B. Wood; Ranjita Betarbet; Allan Levey; Nicholas Seyfried; Srikant Rangaraju



Brain microRNAs are associated with variation in cognitive trajectory in advanced age

by Peng Jin; Nicholas Seyfried; James Lah; Thomas Wingo; Aliza Wingo; Allan Levey; M Wang; J Liu; MS Breen; H-S Yang; B Tang; JA Schneider; DA Bennett; PL De Jager



Increased Plasma TACE Activity in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

by Qiying Sun; Harald Hampel; Kaj Blennow; Simone Lista; Allan Levey; Beisha Tang; Rena Li; Yong Shen