Amelia A Langston MD

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SOM: HMO: Hematology

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Ruxolitinib: a steroid sparing agent in chronic graft-versus-host disease

by Hanna Khoury; Amelia Langston; Vamsi Kota; Jennifer A. Wilkinson; Iskra Pusic; Anand Jillella; Stephanie Bauer; Audrey S Kim; Danielle Roberts; Zaid Al-Kadhimi; Imre Bodo; Elliott Winton; Martha Arellano; John F. DiPersio



Long-Term Sustained Disease Control in Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma With or Without Active Disease After Treatment With Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation After Nonmyeloablative Conditioning

by Jennifer E. Vaughn; Mohamed L. Sorror; Barry E. Storer; Thomas R. Chauncey; Michael A. Pulsipher; Richard T. Maziarz; Michael B. Maris; Parameswaran Hari; Ginna G. Laport; Georg N. Franke; Edward D. Agura; Amelia Langston; Andrew Rezvani; Rainer Storb; Brenda M. Sandmaier; David G. Maloney



Risk factors and impact of non-Aspergillus mold infections following allogeneic HCT: a CIBMTR infection and immune reconstitution analysis

by Marcie L. Riches; Steven Trifilio; Min Chen; Kwang Woo Ahn; Amelia Langston; Hillard M. Lazarus; David I. Marks; Rodrigo Martino; Richard T. Maziarz; Genofeva A. Papanicolou; John R. Wingard; Jo-Anne H. Young; Charles L. Bennett