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Prenatal phthalate exposure in relation to placental corticotropin releasing hormone (pCRH) in the CANDLE cohort

by Emily S Barrett; Matthew Corsetti; Drew Day; Sally W Thurston; Christine T Loftus; Catherine J Karr; Kurunthachalam Kannan; Kaja Z LeWinn; Alicia Smith; Roger Smith; Frances A Tylavsky; Nicole R Bush; Sheela Sathyanarayana



Higher pathogen load in children from Mozambique vs. USA revealed by comparative fecal microbiome profiling

by Minjae Kim; Luis M Rodriguez-R; Janet K Hatt; Osman Kayali; Rassul Nalá; Anne Dunlop; Patricia Brennan; Elizabeth Corwin; Alicia Smith; Joe Brown; Konstantinos T Konstantinidis



Prenatal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) exposure in relation to placental corticotropin releasing hormone (pCRH) in the CANDLE pregnancy cohort

by Emily S Barrett; Tomomi Workman; Marnie F Hazlehurst; Sophie Kauderer; Christine Loftus; Kurunthachalam Kannan; Morgan Robinson; Alicia Smith; Roger Smith; Qi Zhao; Kaja Z LeWinn; Sheela Sathyanarayana; Nicole R Bush



Blood levels of T-Cell Receptor Excision Circles (TRECs) provide an index of exposure to traumatic stress in mice and humans

by Kenneth M McCullough; Seyma Katrinli; Jakob Hartmann; Adriana Lori; Claudia Klengel; Galen Missig; Torsten Klengel; Nicole A Langford; Emily L Newman; Kasey J Anderson; Alicia Smith; Ivy F Carroll; Kerry Ressler; William A Carlezon



Cumulative stress, PTSD, and emotion dysregulation during pregnancy and epigenetic age acceleration in Hispanic mothers and their newborn infants

by Alicia Smith; Seyma Katrinli; SS Drury; J Covault; JD Ford; V Singh; B Reese; A Johnson; V Scranton; P Fall; M Briggs-Gowan; DJ Grasso