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Did Hans Asperger actively assist the Nazi euthanasia program?

by Simon Baron-Cohen; Ami Klin; Steve Silberman; Joseph D. Buxbaum



Toward Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Systemic Solutions to Improve Outcomes and Well-Being of Military Families Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

by Ami Klin; Amy M. Wetherby; Juliann Woods; Celine Saulnier; Jennifer Stapel-Wax; Cheryl Klaiman; Warren Jones; Emily Rubin; Lawrence Scahill; Nathan Call; Karen Bearss; Christie Gunter; Charles J. Courtemanche; Anthony F. Lemieux; James C. Cox; David S. Mandell; James P. Van Decar; Ronald A. Miller; Cherri L. Shireman



Infant viewing of social scenes is under genetic control and atypical in autism

by John N. Constantino; Stefanie Kennon-McGill; Clarie Weichselbaum; Natasha Marrus; Alyzeh Haider; Anne L. Glowinski; Scott Gillespie; Cheryl Klaiman; Ami Klin; Warren R Jones



Production of syllable stress in speakers with autism spectrum disorders

by Rhea Paul; Nancy Bianchi; Amy Augustyn; Ami Klin; Fred Volkmar



The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers: A follow-up study investigating the early detection of autism spectrum disorders

by Jamie M. Kleinman; Diana L. Robins; Pamela E. Ventola; Juhi Pandey; Hilary C. Boorstein; Emma L. Esser; Leandra B. Wilson; Michael A. Rosenthal; Saasha Sutera; Alyssa D. Verbalis; Marianne Barton; Sarah Hodgson; James Green; Thyde Dumont-Mathieu; Fred Volkmar; Katarzyna Chawarska; Ami Klin; Deborah Fein