Ameeta Kalokhe MD


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Correlates of psychological intimate partner violence with HIV care outcomes on patients in HIV care

by RJ Fredericksen; RM Nance; BM Whitney; BN Harding; E Fitzsimmons; C Del Rio; J Eron; DJ Feaster; Ameeta Kalokhe; WC Mathews; KH Mayer; LR Metsch; MJ Mugavero; J Potter; C O'Cleirigh; S Napravnik; B Rodriguez; S Ruderman; D Jac; HM Crane



Ethical and definitional considerations in research on child sexual violence in India

by Radhika Dayal; Ameeta Kalokhe; Vikas Choudhry; Divya Pillai; Klaus Beier; Vikram Patel



Discordance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rifampin Susceptibility

by Ameeta Kalokhe; Majid Shafiq; James C. Lee; Beverly Metchock; James E. Posey; Susan Ray; Albert Anderson; Yun Wang; Minhly Nguyen