Alexey Kaledin PhD


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Photo- and Metal-Mediated Deconstructive Approaches to Cyclic Aliphatic Amine Diversification

by Djamaladdin Musaev; Alexey Kaledin; DM Soro; JB Roque; JW Rackl; B Park; S Payer; Y Shi; JC Ruble; MH Baik; R Sarpong



A solvent-free solid catalyst for the selective and color-indicating ambient-air removal of sulfur mustard

by Craig Hill; Djamaladdin Musaev; Alexey Kaledin; DL Collins-Wildman; KP Sullivan; YV Geletii; VG Snider; WO Gordon; A Balboa; Y Tian; RM Slaugenhaupt; CJ Karwacki; AI Frenkel



Surface passivation extends single and biexciton lifetimes of InP quantum dots

by Wenxing Yang; Yawei Yang; Alexey Kaledin; Sheng He; Tao Jin; James R. McBride; Tianquan Lian