Drew Patterson


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Performance of the Universal Vital Assessment (UVA) mortality risk score in hospitalized adults with infection in Rwanda: A retrospective external validation study

by Riley Hazard; Danstan Bagenda; Andrew Patterson; Julia T Hoffman; Steven J Lisco; Olivier Urayeneza; Polyphile Ntihinyurwa; Christopher C Moore



Epidemiology and Outcome of Sepsis in Adults and Children in a Rural, Sub-Sahara African Setting.

by Arthur Kwizera; Olivier Urayeneza; Pierre Mujyarugamba; Inipavudu Baelani; Jens Meier; Mervyn Mer; Ndidiamaka Musa; Niranjan Kissoon; Andrew Patterson; Joseph C. Farmer; Martin W. Dünser



The inability to walk unassisted at hospital admission as a valuable triage tool to predict hospital mortality in Rwandese patients with suspected infection

by Arthur Kwizera; Olivier Urayeneza; Pierre Mujyarugamba; Jens Meier; Andrew Patterson; Lori Harmon; Joseph C. Farmer; Martin W. Dünser



The long sepsis journey in low- and middle-income countries begins with a first step ... but on which road?

by Arthur Kwizera; Inipavudu Baelani; Mervyn Mer; Niranjan Kissoon; Marcus J. Schultz; Andrew Patterson; Ndidiamaka Musa; Joseph Christopher Farmer; Martin W. Duenser



FXR Agonist INT-747 Upregulates DDAH Expression and Enhances Insulin Sensitivity in High-Salt Fed Dahl Rats

by Yohannes T. Ghebremariam; Keisuke Yamada; Jerry C. Lee; Christine L. C. Johnson; Dorothee Atzler; Maike Anderssohn; Rani Agrawal; John P. Higgins; Andrew Patterson; Rainer H. Boeger; John P. Cooke



Mice lacking the beta 2 adrenergic receptor have a unique genetic profile before and after focal brain ischaemia

by Robin E. White; Curtis Palm; Lijun Xu; Evelyn Ling; Mitchell Ginsburg; Bernie J. Daigle; Ruquan Han; Andrew Patterson; Russ B. Altman; Rona G. Giffard



Signaling from beta(1)- and beta(2)-adrenergic receptors is defined by differential interactions with PDE4

by Wito Richter; Peter Day; Rani Agrawal; Matthew D. Bruss; Sébastien Granier; Yvonne L. Wang; Søren G. F. Rasmussen; Kathleen Horner; Ping Wang; Tao Lei; Andrew Patterson; Brian Kobilka; Marco Conti