Anna Blackstock

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Adjunct Instructor

SPH: Biostatistics

School Of Public Health

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A Tale of Two Healthcare-associated Infections: Clostridium difficile Coinfection Among Patients With Candidemia

by Sharon Tsay; Sabrina R. Williams; Kaitlin Benedict; Zintars Beldavs; Monica Farley; Lee Harrison; William Schaffner; Ghinwa Dumyati; Anna Blackstock; Alice Guh; Snidgha Vallabhaneni



Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Characteristics among HIV-Positive Households Participating in the Global Enteric Multicenter Study in Rural Western Kenya, 2008-2012

by Katherine A. Schilling; Alex O. Awuor; Anu Rajasingham; Fenny Moke; Richard Omore; Manase Amollo; Tamer H. Farag; Dilruba Nasrin; James P. Nataro; Karen L. Kotloff; Myron M. Levine; Tracy Ayers; Kayla F. Laserson; Anna Blackstock; Richard Rothenberg; Christine E. Stauber; Eric Mintz; Robert F Breiman; Ciara E. O'Reilly



Clinical, environmental, and behavioral characteristics associated with Cryptosporidium infection among children with moderate-to-severe diarrhea in rural western Kenya, 2008-2012: The Global Enteric Multicenter Study (GEMS)

by Miranda J. Delahoy; Richard Omore; Tracy L. Ayers; Katharine A. Schilling; Anna J. Blackstock; J. Benjamin Ochieng; Feny Moke; Peter Jaron; Alex Awuor; Caleb Okonji; Jane Juma; Tamer H. Farag; Dilruba Nasrin; Sandra Panchalingam; James P. Nataro; Karen L. Kotloff; Myron M. Levine; Joseph Oundo; Dawn M. Roellig; Lihua Xiao; Michele B. Parsons; Kayla Laserson; Eric Mintz; Robert F Breiman; Ciara E. O'Reilly