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General Anesthetics Have Additive Actions on Three Ligand-Gated Ion Channels

by Andrew Jenkins; Ingrid A. Lobo; Diane Gong; James R. Trudell; Ken Solt; R. Adron Harris; Edmond I Eger



Modulating native GABA(A) receptors in medulloblastoma with positive allosteric benzodiazepine-derivatives induces cell death

by Laura Kallay; Havva Keskin; Alexandra Ross; Manali Rupji; Olivia A. Moody; Xin Wang; Guanguan Li; Taukir Ahmed; Farjana Rashid; Michael Rajesh Stephen; Kirsten A. Cottrill; T. Austin Nuckols; Maxwell Xu; Deborah E. Martinson; Frank Tranghese; Yanxin Pei; James M. Cook; Jeanne Kowalski; Michael D. Taylor; Andrew Jenkins; Daniel Pomeranz Krummel; Soma Sengupta



Rigor, Reproducibility, and In Vitro Cerebrospinal Fluid Assays: The Devil in the Details

by Olivia A. Moody; Sahil Talwar; Meagan Jenkins; Amanda A Freeman; Lynn Marie Trotti; Paul Garcia; Donald Bliwise; Joseph W. Lynch; Brad Cherson; Eric M. Hernandez; Neil Feldman; Prabhjyot Saini; David Rye; Andrew Jenkins