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The OncoPPi network of cancer-focused protein-protein interactions to inform biological insights and therapeutic strategies

by Zenggang Li; Andrey Ivanov; Rina Su; Valentina Gonzalez-Pecchi; Qi Qi; Songlin Liu; Philip Webber; Elizabeth McMillan; Lauren Rusnak; Cau Pham; Xiaoqian Chen; Xiulei Mo; Brian Revennaugh; Wei Zhou; Adam Marcus; Sahar Harati; Xiang Chen; Margaret A. Johns; Michael A. White; Carlos Moreno; Lee Cooper; Yuhong Du; Fadlo Khuri; Haian Fu



LKB1 promotes cell survival by modulating TIF-IA-mediated pre-ribosomal RNA synthesis under uridine downregulated conditions

by Fakeng Liu; Rui Jin; Xiuju Liu; Henry Huang; Scott C. Wilkinson; Diansheng Zhong; Fadlo Khuri; Haian Fu; Adam Marcus; Yulong He; Wei Zhou



A web interface for the quantification of microtubule dynamics

by Koon Yin Kong; Adam Marcus; Paraskevi Giaanakakou; May D. Wang




Coordinated cell motility is regulated by a combination of LKB1 farnesylation and kinase activity

by S. Wilkinson; Y. Hou; J. T. Zoine; J. Saltz; C. Zhang; Z. Chen; L. A. D. Cooper; Adam Marcus